Georgia Herrera’s work is a long process that begins with the vision of the pattern. Drawing on paper with ink and bamboo nibs, she projects original textile design which will be printed on natural fabric by silkscreen technique. Strong, contrasting and spontaneous lines represent archetypal geometric signs and abstract nature shapes which are repeated graphically like music sequences, to create textures and then engraving on a screen frame.

Fabrics are chosen in solid colors and high quality to become the background of a new decoration. They are then hand-printed by Georgia with water based colors and in a limited series, which makes a low impact and totally sustainable production. Each fabric becomes an exclusive piece, different from the other and ready to be transformed into a unique precious garment. Natural and fine textile as silk and cotton are the favorite choice as they last over time, maintaining strength of the fiber and vividness of the colors. For that reason and in special cases fabrics are upcycling from a vintage leftover. The entire production is made with care in Milan using certified non-toxic Italian colors and fabrics without synthetic parts. A completely artisan work that combine traditional screen printing technique with tailoring, aiming to create wearable art pieces in harmony with the body shapes.

Guided by Georgia’s clothes drawings, expert hands cut and sew the fabrics creating refined and special dresses, numbered and made in a limited edition. All production process wants to be ethical and follow the concept of slow fashion, reason of why each garment is a timeless piece and every textile scraps are used to become something new like bracelets, cushions or other accessories. A way to dress that does not want to embody industrial seriality but is expression of uniqueness and strong personality.